Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Order of the Arrow?

The Order of the Arrow (OA) is the national honor society of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA). It uses American Indian-styled traditions and ceremonies to bestow recognition on scouts selected by their peers as best exemplifying the ideals of Scouting.


Who Is Eligible to join the OA (Order of the Arrow)?

Scouts and Scouters under the age of 21 are elected to the Order by their fellow unit members, following approval by the Scoutmaster or Varsity team Coach. Adults over the age of 21 need to be nominated.  More information go here.


What does the name Wiatava mean?

Wiatava is the Cupeño Indian name for what we now know as Lost Valley. The word is translated into “Valley of the Oaks.”


When and where are the chapter meetings?

Santee Chapter Meetings are the third Thursday of the Month at 7:00 PM at Holy Cross Lutheran Church at 4321 Cerritos Ave Cypress, CA 90630


Who can attend the chapter meetings?

As long as you are an OA member, come on by!  However, only dues-paid members will have a voice. Parents of new members are also welcome to attend.


How do you become a member of the OA?

You must first be elected by your troop to become an OA candidate. To be eligible for election, you must be a member of a Boy Scout troop or Varsity crew, 21 years old or younger, First Class rank or higher, have Scoutmaster approval, and have spent fifteen nights of camping with your troop within the past two years (five of which are from long-term campouts such as Summer Camp).  After you are elected and called out, you can then attend your Ordeal. Once you have completed your Ordeal you are an OA member.


What do the different arrows on the sashes mean?

Those signify the Arrowman’s honor. For more information.


What is a Conclave?

It is the most fun crammed into one weekend that you can ever imagine!  Our Conclave has hundred of Arrowmen from the 4 lodges that make up our Section. There is tons of fellowship & competition at this event such as: Sports, Campfires, Crackerbarrels, Patch trading, a Patch Auction, Ceremony Competitions, Indian Dance Competitions, The Quest, Training, and great food! This is one OA Event you do not want to miss.


Who are the Chapter’s Officers and what do they do?

A list of the chapter officers and their job descriptions


What is Santee?

To explain this, it’s probably best to explain the organization of the Order of the Arrow. First, there is the national Order of the Arrow. The national OA splits into regions, of which ours is the Western Region, which covers the Western states. Then, the region splits into sections, of which ours is W4S. The sections then split into lodges (which reflect the Boy Scout councils), of which we are in Wiatava Lodge. Lodges then split into chapters (which reflect the Boy Scout districts), hence Santee Chapter.


How does one go about renewing their membership in Wiatava Lodge?

You can renew your membership by attending a chapter meeting and paying your dues.


I was a member of Wiatava Lodge as a youth. How do I go about rejoining the Lodge?

The same way a current member does, by attending a chapter meeting and paying their dues. However, we recommend you contact us first to review records of your membership before paying your dues.


I was a member of a different lodge, but I moved to a different Scouting unit. How do I transfer my membership to Wiatava?

You can pay your dues and show the lodge documentary evidence (such as membership card) of prior membership. If you were bestowed the Vigil Honor, you must provide your Vigil Honor certificate and an approximate date of your Vigil Ordeal.


What is the Song of the Order of the Arrow?

Firm bound in brotherhood, gather the clan
That cheerful service brings to fellow man.
Circle our council fire, weld tightly every link
That binds us in brotherhood, Wimachtendienk.


What is the Obligation of the Order of the Arrow?

I do hereby promise, on my honor as a Scout, that I will always and faithfully observe and preserve the traditions of the Order of the Arrow, Wimachtendienk Wingolauchsik Witahemui.

I will always regard the ties of brotherhood in the Order of the Arrow as lasting, and will seek to preserve a cheerful spirit, even in the midst of irksome tasks and weighty responsibilities, and will endeavor, so far as in my power lies, to be unselfish in service and devotion to the welfare of others.

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