You become an Arrowman of the Ordeal honor once you complete your first OA Ordeal.  At your Ordeal, you will be given a sash with a red arrow.  The sash changes as you receive the three honors, so a basic red arrow distinguishes one as Ordeal. Once you are Ordeal, you are allowed to participate in Ceremonies other than Brotherhood and Vigil ceremonies.  Becoming Ordeal is a sign of your troop’s opinion on your dedication to the ideals of Scouting.  The troop elected you to become an Ordeal Candidate because they felt that you put forth an effort to follow the Scout Oath and Law, and observe cheerful service.


Get Involved

Now that you’re in the OA, you might be wondering how it is you can get involved. Every lodge is different, but one guarantee is that there are many ways that you can become active. Talk to fellow Arrowmen and find out when the next OA meeting is. Attending a meeting is the best way to find out what opportunities are available, and whether or not you want to take part.

The OA has something for everyone. If you thought the Ordeal ceremonies were cool, you should know that you could be a part of them by joining our team.  If you want to lead, there are elections every year for executive board positions, or perhaps you could get involved with a committee – perhaps even become chairman.

Attend a meeting, tell the youth leaders what you’re interested in, or ask how you can help and you’ll have taken the first step towards active involvement in the OA. Remember though, your first duty is to your unit.

Please visit this link for some more information on sealing your membership in the Order of the Arrow.



Becoming a Brotherhood Member

After 10 months of service as an Ordeal member and after fulfilling certain requirements, an Order of the Arrow member may take part in the Brotherhood ceremony, which places further emphasis on the ideals of Scouting and the Order. Completion of this ceremony signifies full membership in the Order of the Arrow.  Brotherhood is an opportunity for members to evaluate their past service to Scouting (camping and unit involvement) and to their lodge, and to reaffirm their belief in the high purposes of the Order.

Ordeal members are entitled to all the same rights and privileges of membership in the Order as Brotherhood and Vigil Honor members—there are no ranks within the Order. However, moving on to Brotherhood membership offers an opportunity “to reaffirm [one’s] belief in the high purposes of the Order.” Before becoming a Brotherhood member, each Arrowman makes a special effort to serve his troop or team. Each Brotherhood member commits to even more service to Scouting through the Order.” Arrowmen may “seal” their membership after ten months by demonstrating their knowledge of the traditions and obligations of the OA. They then participate in an induction ceremony and become Brotherhood members.

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