So you want to be Vigil Chief?


Vigil Chief is an appointed position

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • General duties of all Officers
  • Be familiar with the “Vigil Honor Selection Process” section of the Wiatava Lodge Planbook.
  • At the beginning of the Chapter year compile a list of Brotherhood Honor members and then issue “Brotherhood Information” forms to all Brothers on that list.
  • Follow-up on collecting all of the completed information forms. Within 2 months make follow-up calls to all Brotherhood Honor members and retrieve all completed forms back for Chapter records updating.
  • With help of Vigil Adviser, develop a list of Chapter Vigil Candidates for the current year.
  • Complete all Vigil Candidate applications and make oral presentation to the Lodge Vigil Committee of all selected Vigil Candidates.
  • Attend annual Wiatava Lodge Pow Wow and participate in the Vigil Call Out at the Pow Wow campfire program.
  • Represent chapter at all Lodge Vigil Committee Meetings

Time Commitment (all are required)

  • Coordination of selection of candidates and preparation of nomination forms – 1 to 3 hours per candidate nominated
  • Lodge vigil committee meetings – 3 to 4 meetings of 2 – 3 hours in length in the winter and spring

Personal skills and talents

  • Ability to keep a secret
  • Detail oriented
  • Does not have to be vigil, but cannot be nominated in the year in which you serve
  • Access to a computer / E-mail
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