So you want to be Vice Chief of OA Troop Reps?


Vice Chief of OA Troop Reps is an appointed position

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • General duties of all Officers
  • Work through the OA Troops Representatives to
    • Coordinate service opportunities within the units
    • Coordinate involvement with the Order of the Arrow, including Unit Elections, Camp Promotions, and Inductions
    • Request lodge and chapter resources to help meet unit needs.
  • Maintain a current roster of unit OA Representatives
  • At the beginning of the Chapter year make contact with all registered Units in the District served by the Chapter and get a list of all of the OA Troop Representatives in those Units.
  • Encourage all of the OA Troop/Team representatives in the District to pay their annual OA Dues and to attend the monthly Chapter meetings so that they can take back to their Units current information of Chapter happenings to report
  • Make sure that OA Troop/Team Reps in the District are receiving the most current information about Chapter and/or Lodge activities, events and Service projects.
  • Serve as a communication and program link to the Arrowmen, Unit Leaders, and Scouts who are not presently members of the Order of the Arrow.
  • Make monthly contact with all of the Troop/Team Representatives and help them as might be required. Occasionally, visit some of the registered Units in the District and provide OA support to their programs.
  • Be creative and come up with some new ideas on how you can be a help and resource to the Troop Reps in the Units in your District.
  • Provide leadership and training to Troop Representatives

Time Commitment (all are required)

  • Coordination with units – the chapter will get out of it what you and your Troop OA Reps put into it . . .

Personal skills and talents

  • Leadership
  • Organized
  • Having your own transportation is helpful
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