So you want to be Vice Chief of Camp Promotion?


Vice Chief of Camp Promotions is an appointed position

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • General duties of all Officers
  • Responsible to the Chief for the supervision of all activities related to Camp Promotion
  • Give camping promotions presentation to each troop at least once a year (usually in the winter in conjunction with elections)
  • Provide Scout units with camping promotion materials (as needed)
  • Maintain and improve the chapter camp promotion booth / display boards / give-aways etc.
  • Represent the chapter in competition at Pow-Wow
  • Serve as a resource person for unit leadership and the district high adventure team
  • Completes the Lodge Camp Promotion Report form each month and submits them on time each month to the Chapter Chief to turn in at the monthly Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) Meetings.
  • Assists units that do not have a camping program
  • Attends monthly Lodge Camp Promotions meetings, when scheduled by Lodge VC Camp Promo

Time Commitment (all are required)

  • Unit camp promotion visits – 2 hours each visit; there are 15 to 20 troops in the district
  • Meeting Planning & Preparation – 1 hours each month
  • Display board – the chapter will get out of it what you and your team put into it…

Personal skills and talents

  • Leadership (only if you don’t want to do all of the camp promotion visits yourself…)
  • Creative (this is a marketing position)
  • Excellent knowledge of various summer camps, week-end camping location, and hikes
  • Ability to store and transport the chapter camp promotion materials
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