So you want to be Vice Chief of Activities?


Vice Chief of Activities is an appointed position

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • General duties of all Officers
  • Coordinate all participation in Pow-Wow sports events
  • Be (or select) a chief cheerleader for spirit at Pow-Wow
  • Organize and plan fun activities for the chapter (such as rock climbing, etc.)
  • Plan an informative and entertaining program for each chapter meeting (crafts, games, food, fellowship. etc.)

Time Commitment (all are required)

  • Meeting Planning & Preparation – 2 to 3 hours each month
  • Pow-Wow – One weekend in Late Summer/Early Fall

Personal skills and talents

  • Loud voice
  • Organized (especially for those special activities)
  • Creative (the same old game gets tired . . .)
  • Salesmanship (getting people to sign up for those events)
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