So you want to be Executive Vice Chief?


Executive Vice Chief is an elected position

Specific Duties & Responsibilities:

  • In the absence of the chief, Chair both the Chapter Board Meetings and the General Chapter Meetings
  • In the absence of the chief, Represent the Chapter at Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) Meetings
  • Works closely with the Chapter Chief in order to be completely informed on all

    • Handles any task assigned by the Chapter Chief.
    • Specific functions should be assigned at the beginning of the year.
  • Oversees and ensures Unit election process which includes:
    • Attend Orange Frontier District Roundtable meetings in January, February and March of year and promote and obtain Unit sign-up times and dates for OA Elections.
    • Contacts all Orange Frontier District Unit leaders and gets sign-up dates for Unit elections.
    • Conducts elections at all troops before the end of March
    • Collects contact information from all scouts who are up for election
    • Enters in Lodgemaster newly elected candidates information
  • Oversees the induction process.
  • Functions as Chairman of the Ordeal.
    • Completes all Ordeal report forms and submits on time to the Chapter Chief to turn in at the monthly Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) Meetings meetings.
    • Ensures that Elangomat and Ordealmaster training is conducted prior to Ordeal.
  • Serve as Chief of staff, managing and overseeing the appointed vice chiefs. This includes the collection of all CAP reports from them at least three (3) days before they are due and then forwarding them as a package to the chief and adviser
  • Responsible for organizing the Wischixin Award candidate list
  • Provide refreshments for all chapter meetings (save receipts so that you can be reimbursed by the chapter)
  • Provide ice cream for the ice cream social (save receipts so that you can be reimbursed by the chapter)
  • Plan and see to a successful completion of tap out, ordeal, and Chapter Banquet
  • Attends the annual Lodge Leadership Development (LLD) training weekend – usually the 2nd weekend in November.

Time Commitment (all are required)

Personal skills and talents

  • Demonstrated leadership / record of accomplishments
  • Delegation – it isn’t your job to do all the work, but is it your job to form team and delegate as needed to get the job done ; you remain responsible for the success of your events
  • Good understanding of typical ordeal projects
  • Able to work with professional staff in ordeal planning
  • Organized
  • Having your own transportation is helpful


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