So you want to be Chapter Chief?


Chapter Chief is an elected position

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • General duties of all Officers
  • Presides over all Chapter functions
  • Conducts a month Chapter Board Meetings to plan the monthly/yearly activities of the Chapter
  • Runs the Chapter General Meetings
  • Represents the Chapter at the Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) Meetings
  • Represents the Chapter at all Lodge functions
  • Responsible for submitting all Lodge monthly report forms on time at the monthly Lodge Executive Committee (LEC) Meetings
  • Responsible for preparing and submitting the Chapter Achievement Program (CAP) report to the lodge
  • Appoints all of the non-elected chapter officers
  • Responsible for carrying out a program in keeping with the Order of the Arrow’s purpose and principles
  • Creates as many Chapter committees as he deems necessary for operation of the Chapter
  • The Chapter Chief and his officers are responsible for:
    • Camping promotions
    • Unit elections
    • Chapter records and input to the Lodge
    • Ceremony teams
    • Call-out ceremony
    • Chapter Ordeal
    • Chapter and Lodge newsletter articles
    • Chapter meetings
    • Other duties as assigned by the Lodge Executive Committee
  • Attends the annual Lodge Leadership Development (LLD) training weekend – usually the 2nd weekend in November
  • Attends the annual Lodge Officer Training Day (LOTD) – usually the 2nd Saturday in December
  • Attends as many of the Orange Frontier District monthly Roundtable meetings and promote the Santee Chapter and activities thereof
  • As a Chapter Officer be active in the activities of the Chapter
  • Provide an article for to newsletter editor for each newsletter
  • Works with his adviser

Time Commitment (all are required)

Personal skills and talents

  • Demonstrated leadership / record of accomplishments
  • Organized
  • Having your own transportation is helpful



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