Nov 012017

Wiatava Lodge sponsors the Cub Country program for Orange County Council. Cub Country is a day where all the new cubs and their friends can come out to our local camps to see what we have to offer. It is a chance for you to help those new Cubs and their friends that may want to join Scouting on what Scouting is all about. Your help is needed or this program will not be a success. Even if you can help for a short period of time please let us know. It will be a Class "A" Field Uniform with sash event. Please sign up

Cub Country Staffing needs for Oso Lake November 18th

Check in Table – 4 people 1. Brenda Patino 2. Amy Kernes 3. Alex Phethean 4. Matthew McMahan 5. Deanna

BB Range: Rangemaster + 2 staff Dave Barton 1. James Bledsoe 2._______________

Archery Range: Rangemaster + 2 staff Richard Obenberger 1. Anasazi 2. Anasazi

Tours: Lead + 6 guides Jeff Wolf 1.Collin Freeman 2.Nicholas Adams 3. Josh Burrows 4.Herkins 5.Herkins 6.____________

Games: Lead + 2 staff for each game Tom Sales_

Gaga pit 1. _______________ 2. ______________

Skis 1.________________ 2. ______________

Dodge/Kick ball 1.Steve Bisbing? 2. ______________

Disc Golf 1.________________ 2._______________

Information Table: 2 people 1. Jay Freeman 2. Bill Scarberry 3.Darryl Cousins?

Food: Lead + 4 cooks _____________ 1. Eileen Meade 2. Jeffrey Herkins 3.Robert Doidge 4.__________

6 Servers 1.Cheryl Geukens 2.______________ 3._______________ 4.______________ 5.______________ 6._________________

Leather crafts: Lead + 4 helpers Denise Blocher 1. Bob Batman 2. _________ 3.__________4. ____________

Nature Center crafts Lead + 3 helpers Tom Doherty 1. Weston Swalding 2. __________ 3.___________

Lake – Fishing – Lead + 2 helpers _____________ 1.______________ 2.________________

Indian Village – Lodge Lead Tom Brashears Charles & Peter Phethean

Camp Promo Booth – Lodge John-Aaron Bozanic

Set up and Take down – Lodge Set up begins at 7:30 am, Take Down begins at 1:00 pm. We need a chapter to bring their tipi for the Indian Village. We need 3 fishermen/women to assist the Cubs with fishing!

To sign up or ask questions contact: cub-oa

Thank you for supporting this Lodge project! Mrs. Becky Roach

Cub Country Staffing needs for Oso Lake November 18th.docx

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