Jun 222017

Attention OA Arrowmen,

Do You Want to Return to Philmont Scout Ranch

Troop is in desperate need of a 18+ youth for a Philmont trip due to losing an adult to a Military ORDER to report during the trip.

Cost if very flexible as they need to maintain the trip and NOT LOSS THE TRIP AND ALL FUNDING.

We might could take someone for ½ the trip.

NEED: 18+ Youth for Philmont

Date: July 8 – 22 (depart on train, July 8)

Trip: Shooting Trek – 4 days with different type (Shotgun, Rifle, Muzzle, Black Powder)

Mileage: 62

Dry: Zero dry camps, and 3 with showers

Cost: Open for discussion

Troop 642

John Geraghty, Troop 642



Philmont Trek No10 Shooting (only).pdf

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