Apr 032017


We have set up a few dates to complete the following OA Troop Visitations. We need help conducting the elections, uniform inspection and Camp Promo presentations. If you can make any of these meetings, please let Sal know

Here is what we have so far:

Monday April 3 Troop 670 7:00 pm Adult: Sal

Mt. Calvary Church
Cypress, CA

Friday, April 7 Troop 578 7:30 pm Adult:

Orange County Buddist Church
909 S. Dale Ave
Anaheim CA 92804

Troop 4 Adult:

Westminster Presbyterian Church

Westminster CA

Monday, April 10 Troop 440 Adult: Sal

Buena Park Elks Lodge
7212 Melrose St.

Buena Park, Ca 90621

Tuesday, April 11 Troop 642 7:30 Adult: Sal

Seal Beach Community Center

We will have addition troops scheduled prior to Camp O Ree. If you could make any of these visitations, please let me know. Also I could use some assistance with making the additional recognition awards (burdens) cutting the wood, branding the arrows on,drilling holes and placing twine on them. If you could help that would be fantastic.

Thank you for your assistance.

Sal Ramirez
Adviser to EVC

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