Mar 192017


We needs several members to make up election and camp promo teams. We will need as many teams as possible so please help out as much as you can. All help will be greatly appreciated. If you can help out please email chief for any questions and further information on time and places.

Second, if you are an Ordeal member and are planning to attain brotherhood at any of the ordeals you need to try and attend the Elangomat Training Saturday March 25 from 9-12 at the Council Office. 1211 E Dyer Rd, Santa Ana, CA 92705. That is this Saturday. We need as many ordeal members to go as possible. Please also email chief for any questions, further information, or that you are able to attend. This event is highly stressed for you to go so we can be more organized and ready for Ordeal.

Yours in Brotherhood,
Hayden MacDonald
Santee Chapter Chief 2017

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