Feb 222017


There is 3 packs that have requested to have us perform their cross over ceremonies. To do this we need 6 volunteers for each ceremony, you do not need to memorize the lines. Chapter has all the regalia. We will need the following parts, Allowat, Kitchkinet, and the four winds.

First and most Urgent.. This Saturday Feb. 25th from 3-7 at St Irenaeus Parrish Hall in Cypress for Pack 660

Saturday, March 18th 6PM in the Quinn Hall of St Hedwig’s School for Pack 620

Friday, March 31st 6:30-8:00PM at Grace Christian School for Pack 611

If you are available for any or all the dates please reply to Johnny and Mr. Mendoza ASAP.



Yours in Cheerful Service
Mr. Mendoza

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