Aug 242016


Pow Wow is coming up in 2 weeks!. September 9-11 at Lost Valley, the Lodge is putting on a great event. Our chapter will compete for glory and bragging rights in various sports and activities including Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee, Lodge Ball (Dodge ball), rifle shooting, sand painting, Native American Dancing and MORE!!

All the fun is coming up and you know you don’t want to miss it!

Sign up now at the link below:

AND send an email to Kyle Recker (krecker0200) to let him know you are coming

Also attached to this email is the DRAFT of the Pow Wow Planbook. There are typos and errors in this planbook but the majority of this information is correct. The link to the PDF of the Planbook is as follows:

I repeat that it is a DRAFT so changes can and will be made. A final draft will be coming out soon.

All Arrowmen will be expected to have the following when coming to Pow Wow:
1) Code of Conduct (pg. 49 in draft)
2) Pow Wow Registration form (pg. 50)
3) Parental Approval (pg. 52)
4) Permission for Firearms- if participating in shooting events (pg. 53)

Thanks so much!! Hope to see you all there!!

Yours in Brotherhood,
Paul Killian

Adviser to the Secretary

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