Aug 102016
Christopher would like you to support
Eagle Scout: Park Western Book Room
by making a donation and helping spread the word.
Hi, my name is Christopher Panting and I am a Senior at Los Alamitos Highschool. I am a Life Scout in Troop 642, Seal Beach CA, working on my Eagle Scout Rank.
My Eagle Scout Project is the renovation of the book room at Park Western Elementary School. This book room houses books for the 650 plus students on this urban public school campus. Despite many attempts at organizing the book room by staff and parents over the years, the book room was still in desperate need of permanent shelving and organized storage.
The storage shed is currently a mess. It is difficult to access books and supplies. There is stuff on the floor making it impossible to walk to the other side of the shed. The shed needs cabinets to organize the supplies.
My Eagle Scout Project consists of buying a ton and a half of lumber, cutting the lumber, and assembling the cabinets.

Some of the key components to becoming an Eagle scout are learning the skill to be come a leader which include: project management, organizing volunteers, and fundraising.

One way I am earning funds is through this gofundme site.

My projects includes the following phases: collecting supplies, building supplies, painting cabinets, clearing out the book room, installing the cabinets, arranging the books and materials. One component of my Eagle Scout Project is fundraising.

Earning my Eagle Scout is one of the most important milestones in my life. These valuable skills that I learned from my project will help me learn leadership that will guide me throughout my life.

I appreciate your donation because it is only through your generosity that I will be able to complete this grand project.

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