Apr 192016

Hello Santee,
This week, we will be helping load the truck for Camporee at our meeting on Thursday. If you’re like me, I’d prefer to not be loading it when its dark outside, so the meeting will be starting at 6:00pm at the Container on the base, directions will be listed below. The board meeting will then be delayed to after loading the truck and will be at 7:30 at the Holy Cross Lutheran Church (regular meeting spot). Please come in a class B shirt, ready to help.

Yours in Scouting,
Kyle Recker
2016 Santee Chapter Chief

Directions to our container from the entrance to the Joint Forces Training Base:
Go straight on Lexington Dr until you reach the "T", where you will then make a right onto Liberty Ave and continue on the road, it will turn left and turn into Gettysburg Ave. At the four-way stop, make a right onto Saratoga Ave and follow that street straight. When you come to the intersection of Saratoga Ave and Freedom Way, keep right on Saratoga Ave and follow the street farther. You will then come upon some container on the left and you should see a big truck or people that look somewhat familiar and you have reached your destination.

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