Apr 042016

Hello, Santee!

I’m hoping you’ve all had a nice spring break or are planning on having a nice spring break. This past week I backpacked to Havasupai Falls in the Grand Canyon with my troop where I had an amazing time and would definitely recommend going. Although we do need to have fun every once in a while, it’s time to focus back on scouting for a little with three big events coming up within the next 3 weeks.
First off we have a service opportunity with We Care of Los Alamitos on Saturday, April 9th helping out at their annual Fundraiser Dinner. Here is the info sent from our own Mrs. Wilson asking for our help: They need approximately 2 OA Adults and 3-4 Youth at 5:00 pm. Volunteers will need to bring an EZ up and flashlights, wear class A uniforms and help direct the guests of the We Care Event to the proper parking area. Flashlights may not be needed as it gets dark at about 7:15 and most guests have arrived by then. I would ask a few scouts to bring one, just to be prepared.
Secondly, we have the opportunity to go up to Firestone with the NRA and shoot some rifles for fun on April 17th in the morning (There will be another email sent out later with more information).
Lastly, we have our District Camp-o-Ree on April 22-24. Brandon Hight, the youth coordinator, is looking for help from the chapter. If you volunteer, you will be helping with judging, running supplies around to the events, and setting up and taking down the events. If you are interested in helping with our Camp-o-Ree this year please contact Brandon Hight at vampiredude20 or David Barton at davidsbarton.
Please, Santee, go to one of these volunteer opportunities and come out to Firestone to shoot some rifles with your fellow brothers. The Order of the Arrow is focused on cheerful service and brotherhood both of which these offer so please participate in at one of the events.

Yours in Scouting,
Kyle Recker
Santee Chapter Chief 2016

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