Feb 292016

Hello Santee!

Do you want to enjoy fellowship with your brothers? Do you like music? Do you want to learn how to dance? How about start making regalia? Crafts? Drum sticks? Medicine bags?

You can do all this and more by coming out for Indian Affairs Day at Oso Lake on March 12 from 10:00 to 4:00. It is $25 and includes patch, lunch, and the materials for each session.

Register for this event at:


What do you get out of coming? Fellowship. Why is Fellowship important? One of the key points of OA is to come together in Brotherhood. You get out of any organization what you put in. OA is no different. If you want to make life-long friendships and development your leadership skills, join these events. Meet your brothers from other chapters. Speak with the youth leaders. Join.

If you really enjoy Indian Affairs, we’re always ready to help develop your skills. Talk to me about joining the Indian Affairs teams. We have working at putting together ceremony teams.

Yours In Brotherhood,

Christopher Panting

Vice Chief Indian Affairs

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