Feb 222016


This coming weekend is the Wiatava 2016 Trade-O-Ree.

If you have an interest in patches, or collecting any type of scouting memorabilia you should come on down to the Orange County Council Office at 1211 East Dyer Rd. in Santa Ana. Ask anyone who went to NOAC, one of the best parts is patch trading. Here is your local opportunity to do some patch trading and collecting.

Friday Feb. 26th at 6pm-10pm there will be traders on deck either selling or trading some pretty cool items.

Saturday Feb. 27th at 8am-3pm the traders will continue to be around, and from 9 to 12, silent auctions will be held regularly containing a wide variety of scouting items. Around 1:00 PM on Saturday we will have a fantastic live auction with some very hard to get items. (OA Collectors we have a SIGNED SASH by our Founders).

Best of all admission is FREE! Come by and take a look. Some really great patches, and scouting items will be on display and for sale and trade. A special limited edition Wiatava flap will be available for purchase by attendees for $10.

Greg Taylor
Wiatava Lodge TOR Adviser
email for more info: gtaylor



Paul Killian

Adviser to the Secretary

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