Sep 162015

My fellow Arrowmen,

Wow is all I can say for Santee! As a chapter we had a very busy, yet rewarding summer. The two main events that stood out for us this summer were NOAC and Pow Wow. As I am sure you know Santee had the one of the biggest contingents for Wiatava Lodge; so we were pretty well represented. Every boy I have talked to said they had a blast and I believe them! NOAC is definitely something every OA member should have on their bucket list. I encourage those who did not attend to go next opportunity they get.

Next, Santee dominate at Pow Wow. Every boy was involved in sports, and the ties of brotherhood where strengthen that weekend. I could not attend this event, but Santee was left in the more than capable hands of our EVC Kevin. Kevin not only scored a lodge position as Indian affairs (Congrats Kevin!) but he also lead Santee in spirit, which in turn, lead to us taking home the wooden spirit cog! Way to go Santee!

The time for the 2015 board is swiftly coming to end for this Thursday (Tomorrow!), we elect a new chief to build off the foundation that has been laid down for our chapter. As you vote, I challenge you to picture your own vision on Santee a year from now. From the candidates running, who do you think will achieve that vision.


Taylor Ramirez

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