Aug 252015

These are the names of those who have said they are going to POW WOW. Please look for your name and if you DO NOT see it – send an email to Mr. Paulson ASAP and let him know you still want to attend. Give him your T-shirt size and who you are riding with.


Dave Barton
Lito de los Reyes
John Geraghty
Jerry Johnson
Carol Macey
George Mast
Jesse Mendez
Tom Miller
Dan Moran
Lee Nestlerode
Tom Olszewski
Steve Recker
James Styczynski
Rodney Ueno
Neil de los Reyes
Russel de los Reyes
Trevor Geraghty
Lorenzo Hall
Scott Hall
Jack Hernandez
Monty Jennings
Daniel Mendez
Sam Miller
Brendan Moran
Josh Nestlerode
Kevin Olszewski
Christopher Panting
Taylor Ramirez
Kyle Recker
Will Ronnau
Kevin Stutzke
Matt Stutzke
Logan Ueno
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