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Amimi chapter needs help with the Huntington Beach 4th of July Parade. We need 30+ people for the parade.
Arrowmen to carry the banners in front of the award winning floats and to assist in carrying the Garrison Flag. Some can help distribute water at the water stations.

WHEN: July 4th, 7:30AM to approximately 1:00PM-ish

WHERE: We will meet at the Water Distribution Awning @ 9th and Pacific Coast Highway @ 7:30AM to help out with distributing water to the parade participants.

The parade will begin at 10:00AM. It will end at Main Street and Clay (the parade will start arriving around 12PM-ish at the corner of Main and Gothard/Clay)
Other Info:
Class “A” uniform with OA sash
Hat and/or sun screen
Walking shoes or hiking boots

It is recommended that the Scouts be deposited closest to the meeting place. Your vehicle should be parked close to the parade finishing area. That way there will be no need to go all the way down towards the PCH area (where parking will be difficult at best anyways). You can pick up the Scouts at the end of the parade and pile into your vehicle.
HB does bus parade participants and spectators from the City Hall Parking Lot (East side) to PCH and Lake. However, we’re not sure if the buses will be available at 7AM.

Please email both of us back if you can help out.
Thank You Very Much!

Bob Batman

Susan Atcheson

Associate Chapter Adviser, Amimi Chapter

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