Jun 232015

Santee Chapter,

Cheerful service is the very core of our brotherhood. This year the Wiatava Lodge is implementing a new award to recognize those Arrowmen both youth and adult who go above and beyond in providing cheerful service. The award is the Wiatava Lodge Conservation Corp. The award has three levels bronze, silver, and gold. Below are the requirements.

a. Bronze
i. 25 hours of service
ii. One project must be over 5 hours
b. Silver
i. 50 hours of service
ii. 3 projects over 5 hours that benefit 3 different organizations
c. Gold
i. Attend a lodge conservation project

All service for this award can be backlogged to Jan. 1 of this year or your induction whichever is earlier. Please note that lodge conservation projects will be clearly advertised as such. Each level of the Conservation Corp. come with a certificate recognizing your accomplishment. At the silver level recipients will be given a special patch. And finally at the gold level recipient will receive a special pin for their patch. Please note that this pin can only be worn on the Conservation Corp. patch.

All service done for a non-profit organization may be logged for this award. This includes all official BSA and OA service projects. If you are wondering if your project is appropriate please email service for an answer.

After completing a level of the award turn the sheet into your Chapter Chief. Within two lodge meetings the Lodge VC of Service will send the applicable items to him. He will then give the items to you. A requirement sheet for both the bronze and silver levels is attached. Also a FAQ will be published on the lodge website later this month.

We are also looking for a design for the award patch. The Wiatava Lodge Service committee is accepting designs from all youth members of Wiatava. Keep in that the final version will be a 3” round patch and have small pin that incorporates into the design. Please send your designs into service by 7/5/15. The lodge service committee will chose the final design at the July committee meeting.

Yours in Brotherhood,

Paul Killian, Adviser to the Secretary for
Peter Jensen Wiatava Lodge Vice Chief of Service

Conservation Corp log sheet 2015.pdf

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