Feb 212015

Santee Chapter,

Thank you to those who came out to the meeting yesterday.  The scouts had a great time playing basketball.

A few highlights from the meeting
  • Dues for 2015 are due! – Please pay the Treasurer ASAP
  • Trade-o-ree this weekend¬†http://wiatava.org/tor2015/
  • OA troop visits and elections scheduled for February and March, contact Kevin (k.p.r.stutzke@gmail.com) if you would like to schedule a date, or if you are interested in helping
  • Logo Design Contest – Submit logos to paulkillian@gmail.com for the Santee website (santee.wiatava.org) for the change to win $20 ¬†Submissions due March 10th
Have a great weekend Santee Chapter,
Lorenzo Hall
Santee Secretary
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